View Full Version : AMS Motorcycles

29-Sep-09, 21:44
I just want to say what fantastic aftersales care AMS give their customers.

Definately recommend them and want to thank them for going out of their way for us

23-Oct-09, 13:10
Just had a fair bit of work done here as well and have to agree first class job, bike was a bit sick after some miss treatment from its last owner but a few days and some TLC from AMS and its a different animal big thanks to Paul and staff

24-Oct-09, 16:20
Yup, good bunch and a pleasure to deal with.

Paul can even siphon diesel out of a bikes petrol tank without laughing too much........DAMHIK.....

Miss Mack
11-Nov-09, 20:27
Dont have a bike but was a regular customer with my cars when they had the garage. Always great to deal with and you usualy got a good laugh too !:lol: Keep up the great New Year Partys !!!;)