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07-Apr-06, 02:41
I've had problems on where i could get an insurance with me only earning a little i need a cheaper insurance for me and my family. Can you help me regarding to my problem?? Kindly reply to this thread for your suggestion..:Razz

07-Apr-06, 11:51
What sort of insurance are you looking for?

07-Apr-06, 15:41
I was listening to the radio one day and they were discussing getting cheaper car insurance. They said to try two websites and you dont have to try anywhere else. They were confused.com and insuresupermarket. I have managed to get my insurance this year for half the price my own insurance company would have charged me. You wouldnt believe the differences between some companies and what they charge. Good Luck...:grin:

07-Apr-06, 16:58
If it's car insurance you are after, I haven't found one yet that will beat the Co-op insurance (CIS).

07-Apr-06, 18:41
I've got full NCD and still managed to save well over 100 by changing to Swiftcover. all done online and you just print off your own certificate