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27-Sep-09, 11:28
Hi it is coming to that time of year again when the grey seals will be having their pups,hopefully most of these seals will have their pups and nurse them without any difficulty, but sometimes things go wrong and pups need extra help.If you see a pup or indeed any marine mammal that looks like it needs help please phone the BDMLR area co-ordinator on 07707219819 or head office on 01825765546. Please remember that these are wild animals and can and will bite so it is safer to assess them from a safe distance,keep children and dogs well away from the animal and call for help and advice asap.Please help us to help them,thank you x
PS you will find advice posters at some of the local beaches ect

27-Sep-09, 15:07
Well done Thumper, i was about to put something on about this.
I was told today the first Grey Pup (white coat) was seen dead along the North Coast of Caithness.
Most pupping starts late October but there are always earlier Births starting around September and these pups can be found almost anywhere. Dog walkers need to be very vigilent before letting their dogs off the leash on Caithness beaches.
If you see Grey Seals close in shore then if practicable avoid walking on that beach.


04-Oct-09, 18:00
ah thanks for this bit of advice..these are good numbers to have on your phone xxx

25-Oct-09, 19:09
Just bumping this up to the top of the page-weather has been bad so there may be pups in need of help out there x