View Full Version : 99p shop Thurso - open on Sunday ?

27-Sep-09, 09:44
Hi folks!
I was up in Thurso last week and bought a couple of household items from the 99p shop in Thurso, but when I got home it was obvious they were too small and I need to change for a larger size.

Does anyone know if the shop is open on a Sunday please ?

I checked the Caithness Business Index but I think the info there is out of date since they changed owners, or they have changed phone number.

Many thanks!

27-Sep-09, 09:47
No, it's not open on a Sunday.

27-Sep-09, 09:56
thanks Olin :)

Hen Broon
27-Sep-09, 11:18
Pretty sure It's the same owners as the Wick one, so as your from Keiss ? may be easier to change items there.