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26-Sep-09, 23:57
went back there for the 1st time in months/a year?? and it was great! I had chicken tikka chesani, lots of flavour, spice and lots of chicken, son had korma :roll: but it was tasty if you like them

when last there over a year or so ago there was lots of oil on top of the sauce but none of that today

will definately try again - sooner rather than later

27-Sep-09, 12:06
Where is this please. Do they have a web site.

27-Sep-09, 12:15
It's in High Ormlie in Thurso.

27-Sep-09, 12:17
It's in High Ormlie in Thurso.

Thank you.

mums angels
27-Sep-09, 17:50
A group of 5 of us got a takeaway delivered from there on friday and it was delicious we all enjoyed everything . On the down side they said 30 mins - 40 mins for delivery and it was double that, we actually had to phone to make sure they hadn't forgotten .