View Full Version : Johnston photos

26-Sep-09, 18:47
There are some new images from the Johnston collection on the Wick Society website http://www.wickheritage.org/ well worth a look

26-Sep-09, 21:46
quite a good showing mosser shows annie munros inn in staxigoe
can mind a cooperage right down at the very end
theyve also got the old nick down at mccaugheys a good showing
thanks for the link regards tony

27-Sep-09, 14:04
ah thanks for that link...i hav just sat 2 hrs raking thru it all....and enjoyed it all, who cares if the dinner isent in the oven...tee hee

27-Sep-09, 15:59
Thanks Mosser for the alert to the new images from the Johnston Collection.
I wish distance didn't prevent me from having a good rake through it, but this will suffice, for now.