View Full Version : Frog Spawn this late?

26-Sep-09, 14:44
I found what looks like some frog spawn in a basket in the garden which is full of old leaves. Anyone know what could have laid this?:confused thx

Humerous Vegetable
28-Sep-09, 10:15
It's not this, is it? Are there any eggs in it, or is it just jelly?

28-Sep-09, 16:59
No, definitely eggs with embryos inside like frog spawn but the spawn is laid individual instead of one mass lump together. But I have seen that stuff on my travels as well.

28-Sep-09, 17:15
Is it toad spawn?

01-Oct-09, 00:30
dunno about frog spawn but a got a duck sittin on eggs, way too late in the year???