View Full Version : Caithness Quiz Book?

26-Sep-09, 12:12
Does anyone know if a Caithness quiz book exists?, (something in the form of a pub quiz but with all questions about Caithness?):)

26-Sep-09, 14:45
Would there be much to ask about to fill a book?:confused

26-Sep-09, 21:34
Well more than you are aware of obviously:roll::lol:

26-Sep-09, 22:38
The Scottish Quiz book isn't that big so I'm just projecting that would be useful to a Caithness Quiz situation. It is not as if it would be of interest to a Fifer or borderer, may be I'm wrong. I've done the quizzes in town myself, can't say that I would see a need for a Caithness quiz book even though I'd like to buy one, only because I love quizzes. I know quizzes can be of great fun in a pub or fund raising event, but if the questions are so obscurely 'local' that only a local of several years standing has a chance to know anything in such a book then the quiz will be rubbish. Just my 2p.

26-Sep-09, 23:06
Actually I quite agree with you, i love quizzes too but found myself all a flounder at the quiz I went to because it had a Caithness round and some of the questions were so obtuse, I thought I knew quite a bit about Caithness but after that quiz, well I'm not sure I know anything at all! so I was just thinking if such a book existed then it would be worth having. , Apologies if I sounded a bit short, didnt mean it!:cool: