View Full Version : Quiz Night

13-Sep-01, 22:45
Well Done to Edori, the winner with 90 points tonight.

Glad so many people turned out considering what is happening in the U S at the moment.

My thoughts are with them.

13-Sep-01, 23:01
Thank you for the quiz questions tonight, Hairy. they were good. Yes, it was fine to see so many people, perhaps it helps to take minds off the tragedy for a little while.


14-Sep-01, 17:27
Hairy, thanks for a great quiz, I especially enjoyed the trick questions! Moses on the Ark, indeed. LOL It was good to take a wee break from this week's events to have a laugh with friends. -Helen

14-Sep-01, 18:29
Och aye, Hairy, I enjoyed the quiz too! You were a clever wee minx slipping in those trick questions! :lol: