View Full Version : Decorater needed

18-Sep-09, 23:42
I need someone to paper one wall for me i can pay but it would have to be a reasonable price as i cannot afford a lot hope someone can help x

19-Sep-09, 10:15
Where abouts are you?

19-Sep-09, 23:13
sorry should have said am in wick x

20-Sep-09, 10:47
My other half is really good. He's not a professional but his dad was and that is who taught him and he's been thinking about advertising his services. As he's not a pro he wont charge pro prices - PM me what you can afford :)

21-Sep-09, 22:48
hi leananne have pm you am deff interested in your oh doing the papering pls get him to call me if no reply leave a mess and i will call bk x

22-Sep-09, 22:41
hi i need someone to paper one wall in my living room for me so if anyone knows of anyone who could do this for me that would be great x

23-Sep-09, 23:52
Willie Coghill.

24-Sep-09, 12:09
do you have a number for willie coghill pls x