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07-Jan-04, 14:27
I am looking for another provider for hosting my website.
Any recommendations?
I am quite happy with my current host, which is Architec, the same as caithness.org is on, but I am in the process of establishing another website and I'd rather have it on another host so that when one has problems the other one might still be up and running.

20-Jan-04, 14:23
How about


20-Jan-04, 15:17
Thanks for your suggestion of http://www.connor-design.co.uk , I had a look. No names, no address, no landline phonenumber. Personally, I won't deal with anyone on the web that doesn't at least appear to have some brick and mortar somewhere.
Also, they appear to me to be just resellers, I would rather deal with the actual operators.
But I will keep on open mind, so if anyone has some personal recommendations based on experience ...

20-Jan-04, 18:45
Plus I would find that hacker msg off putting.

20-Jan-04, 22:16
I user www.flexihosts.co.uk and I have had no problems with them at all. They are local as well which helps if any problems do arise.

21-Jan-04, 00:00
Dear t,
Changing your suggestion from www.connor-design.co.uk to www.scorrie.co.uk, did not help at all - Scorrie offers hosting on the same servers that I am already on (see original post).

Flexihosts - same problem, no name, no address, no phone and no email !!

21-Jan-04, 01:39
http://www.connor-design.co.uk has contact details and is on caithness business pages with details on both.

However if you are looking for someone that does not do reselling you will be paying through the nose for it or not have a good uptime.

I know due to experience that one of the servers you quoted had been up and down a lot.

However just a suggestion, and whats the issue with a reseller anyway?

21-Jan-04, 15:06
Well that was a quick response time ... adding those contact details to the website.

Nothing wrong with resellers, just I personally prefer dealing with a service provider (any service) directly instead of via via.

21-Jan-04, 15:14
I understand what you are saying, however as far as I am aware (I may be wrong and just going by my reseller account) that most resellers have full access the servers including PHP.ini , Apache handlers, safe mode and so on ........being able to manage the whole site.

Anyway just a suggestion

27-Feb-04, 23:06
The last post is a month old, but i thought i'd reply anyway

Im currently with www.valuehost.co.uk and so far the level of service has been excellent, rates are pretty cheap for the features you get and the technical support is top notch.