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21-Sep-09, 14:36
I would like to recommend Charlie Chans Restaurant and Takeaway to anyone who likes their Chinese Cuisine.
They do a 5.95 lunch time deal which is really worth it.
Anything we have had from there so far has been tasty and the portion sizes are good too. For both sit down or take away I would highly recommend Charlie Chan,s by the Post Office Sorting Office Traill St.

21-Sep-09, 15:50
It's okay, but I have never been in another Chinese restaurant where they charged extra for plain boiled rice with the meal.

22-Sep-09, 08:17
hmm went there once and said that i would never go back - decided to try it again a year or so later and the sit down meals were as bad as the first time. Bad service and very expensive for what we got.

Have never been back since