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20-Sep-09, 13:01

Wondering if anyone can help?

I have an old faithful Nokia 5140 (remember the kind of rubber and plastic one), that served me really well for years. Recently the screen went, and I bought a new screen and tried fitting that, but it still didnt work.
Now, I've bought a new phone, but all my contacts, and 4 years worth of messages and pictures etc are stuck on the phone. (the phone still works by the way, you just cant see anything).
I bought a data cable for it of eBay, thinking that would be a way to get the stuff out, but nothing happens when I plug it in. Its really frustrating.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or experience of extracting data out of phones? Maybe someone has an old one of these phones lying about that I could borrow, just to know what buttons to press to get through the menus.

Any help greatly appreciated.


20-Sep-09, 13:14
Could you follow the key presses on your dads phone to save your contacts to your sim? Then just swap the sim over?

20-Sep-09, 13:41
But my dad doesnt have the same phone :confused

That is an idea though, if I can get a hold of a simelar phone, but I'd really love to get photos off the phone too, which I dont think you can save to a sim. But not sure.