View Full Version : Fridge Freezer Repair?

18-Sep-09, 20:52
Hi guys,

Is there anyone in Caithness who repairs fridge freezers?
Our is making a really weird noise, and it doesn't seem to be freezing anything now - I think it's about to die!
The problem is that it is a fitted fridge freezer so I don't know where to get another one, and I can't really afford a new one anyway!

footie chick
18-Sep-09, 22:06
I would recommend Alacam Thurso tel: 896999 he repaired mine under warranty phoned at 9:00 was fixed by 12:00 will be using him again {hopefully not too soon} :lol:

18-Sep-09, 22:28
Thanks very much.
I might give him a call, but I think it's beyond repair!
Does he sell fridge freezers as well?

18-Sep-09, 22:49
If Alan can`t fix it he has a large range of electrical goods for sale, or can order in if it`s something special. Good prices too.

19-Sep-09, 02:23
Paul Watson has revived many such things from near death.
Hes in Halkirk and on the business index/

19-Sep-09, 08:23
We've realised there's a crack, and it's leaking, so beyond repair!

Will have to buy a new one after all.

Thanks for the help though everyone.