View Full Version : New Years Resolutions - how are you coping with yours?

17-Sep-09, 15:55
Its now creeping up to the last quarter of the year and was wondering how you orgers are getting on with your new year resolutions? http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=64458&highlight=resolutions

I have to say I have failed with mine. I have gained half a stone :~(

17-Sep-09, 18:42
I've succeeded. Mine was to move to Caithness :)

17-Sep-09, 18:55
I've succeeded too. Mine was to remain undeniably handsome and sexy. :cool:

17-Sep-09, 20:41
I've Succeeded too. My Resolution 10 Years ago was to Never Ever make another New Yrears Resolution. I have not done so, therefore I have Succeeded. :Razz

Kevin Milkins
17-Sep-09, 21:53
Mine was made two years ago, and it was to give up the cigs. We have both stoped smoking, but it was made on July the 4th.

17-Sep-09, 22:59
Mine was to stop spending money that did not need to be spent, im doing it now. :D Took me a few months of "winter boredom"

But when the spring and summer came in i dont buy as much. Still dont now.

18-Sep-09, 00:32
Like Kodiak,i dont make New Year Resolutions so i guess i have succeeded too!