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16-Sep-09, 21:18
out of curiosity do u think your other half is romantic because mine bought me roses and chocolates today with no strings attached ? should i be worried ?????

16-Sep-09, 21:20
Whats he done?
What does he want?
Whats he going to do?
That usually goes through my mind when presented with suprise gifts...not that I get them often these days!

16-Sep-09, 21:43
Hecks i am totally ashamed, i got a HUGE bunch of flowers on monday, i asked the man who delivered it who they were from lol When i opened the card it was from my hubby for our 31st anniversary, shucks it brought tears to my eyes, anyhow when he came home i said i was so sorry i clean forgot it was our anniversary lol he said its not today its tomorrow 15th sept, with all thats happening around here at the mo i clean forgot, now he wont let me forget it that a woman can forget such an important date lol

Alice in Blunderland
16-Sep-09, 21:48
Whats he done?

Something he shouldn't have.......... ;)

What does he want?

Something he can't have........

Whats he going to do?

Something he shouldn't be doing :Razz

That usually goes through my mind when presented with suprise gifts...

And rightly so ......:lol:

16-Sep-09, 22:10
Something he shouldn't have..........

Something he can't have........

Something he shouldn't be doing

And rightly so ......

You old cynic you. :roll:

17-Sep-09, 10:35
God no wonder men don't buy women stuff like that often if there being questioned like that lol

17-Sep-09, 10:50
I buy the flowers and chocolates then I thank OH for them, it's the only way I'll ever get any.

Kevin Milkins
17-Sep-09, 10:57
Why has everyone assumed sharona is a woman?;)

17-Sep-09, 15:45
When I had been dating my boyfriend (now husband!) for a year he bought me 52 deep red roses - one for every week we had been together - I don't think I have had anything more romantic ............