View Full Version : March of the Penguins

13-Sep-09, 17:59
I watched this on DVD this afternoon and it is a magnificent film.

What these penguins have to endure to ensure the safe arrival of a chick is amazing!

Has anyone else watched it?

13-Sep-09, 21:12
Hey i love this film too. We have it on DVD but I cant bring myself to watch it cause I blub all the way through. Very powerful movie

13-Sep-09, 23:14
It certainly is a powerful movie and one that stays in your mind doesn't it?

It's just amazing what these penguins have to go through in order to rear one chick and I thought some of the rituals were very moving.
Isn't it amazing how they recognise each other by the sound of their 'voices'?

I have to confess I had to fast forward some of the scenes as they were so upsetting.:~(