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12-Sep-09, 17:02
Can anyone advise me please.

I have some lovely photos on my mobile which I'd like to put on to my computer.

My mobile doesn't have bluetooth, is there any other way of getting the pictures on to my computer.

Thank you.

12-Sep-09, 17:05
You can buy data transfer cables for most phones thesedays, but Bluetooth is definately my preferred option. Ebay is good the cables though :D

12-Sep-09, 17:06
Does it have a memory card slot?
If yes you can move the pictures onto a memory card and put it into your pc's card reader or an external card reader.
If not you need a data cable for your mobile that connects to your pc.

12-Sep-09, 19:59
Or if it is email enabled you could email them to yourself and then save them to your pc.

12-Sep-09, 21:37
Thank you for all your advice.

I have bought a data transfer cable on e-bay so will try that and see how I get on.

15-Sep-09, 21:29
Ok, need more help please!

Now have my data transfer cable, all plugged in, had a cd with it, that's all gone on to the computer ok, but now it keeps saying I have no photos to download.

Does my phone have to be on with the photo on the screen that I want to download or doesn't it matter?

So near but yet so far, any advice much appreciated!

16-Sep-09, 10:36
should not matter

can you see an extra device in the my computer listing
like you would if you had a penstick plugged in?

if so you should just be able to click to the folder with your photos in an drop'n'drag them over to your PC