View Full Version : Car wash

12-Sep-09, 13:16
Is there such a thing as a hand car wash/jet wash anywhere in Caithness?

12-Sep-09, 15:52
behind Pennyland Garage in Thurso - they have 2 jet spray machines, don't know about Wick though

12-Sep-09, 17:04
Perfect- thankyou! I'm just looking to take the rough off the car a wee bit before I wash it properly by hand.

12-Sep-09, 18:23
Richards garage have a jet wash too.;)

12-Sep-09, 20:27
pressurised water grinds dirt into the topcoat damaging it and causing swirl marks(spider web like patterns).....i valet by hand with hardly any pressure coming of the hose,what shampoo are you using?is it obvious ive got a bit of OCD [lol] but yeh there is a few car jet washes in caithness pennyland richards etc