View Full Version : coffee spill!

12-Sep-09, 09:15
Any help on how to get spilt coffee stains out a cream carpet please:eek:

12-Sep-09, 09:45
1001 carpet cleaner is really good, have had loads on my carpets over the years including kids sick & its always taken it out! Good luck

12-Sep-09, 11:29
What about that Cillit Bang stuff, Doun Reay use it for radio active stains apparently. :roll:

Kevin Milkins
12-Sep-09, 11:49
Was it instant coffee or radio active? :lol:

12-Sep-09, 12:36
mail me i have the very stuff ;)

12-Sep-09, 12:58
Was it instant coffee or radio active? :lol:

You obviously havn't tried my sooper dooper coffee. ;)

12-Sep-09, 14:51
you could try baby wipes or beer :)

12-Sep-09, 20:18
Depends on when it happened but the best thing to do is to use kitchen towel to absorb as much as you can. Use 1001 mousse, spray it on, leave for 10 minutes, then sponge off with lots of clean water, use more kitchen towel or even ordinary towels to absorb as much as you can and then wait until it dries completely you may need to do it again but I have an oatmeal coloured carpet in my sitting room and have used that method many times on various spills and it always works.