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11-Sep-09, 15:09
what do people think about the trailor for new moon

11-Sep-09, 15:29
book ...film....or what?....dont know what your on about...sorry...but i will watch out for it now...

11-Sep-09, 16:28
if the second book is anythin to go by...the movie should be good, sayin that, the first movie missed out a shed load of bits!!

11-Sep-09, 21:53
what do people think about the trailor for new moon

da really ken fit yer on aboot but ma guess is....

that 'e guys ootside (in riverside street) are wonderin if thur trailer load o bricks is gona be enuf tul build up 'e new bit o' wall thats gona keep 'e river intact....befor 'e new moon as then we wil hev a 'spring tide' which means that 'e river will fill up an we all will be DOOM'D...i say!!!

but at's no fit ye wis on aboot...no? [lol]

11-Sep-09, 23:43
I have watched the trailer a few times now. Look's like "New Moon" could be just as good as "Twilight" - I hope so anyway!

21-Sep-09, 16:28
i love it!!! cant wait for the film to be released. I have to say, New Moon is my least favourite out of the 4 books, but apparantly, edward will be in the film more than the book, so im intrigued how they will do that.

Im due my baby just before the film is out, so it will be my 1st girly night out in over 9 months!!!

23-Sep-09, 17:46
I have now finished all 4 books from the twilight series, and the second book was the worst out of them all, seem to drag a bit, however i stuck with it and loved the 3rd and 4th book. I have seen the trailer for New Moon and i cant wait to see it.......its released on 20th november but i wonder when it will actually get to thurso!!!

23-Sep-09, 18:55
omg i loved all the books!
and to tell the truth i cant wait until the wolves come into it!
im curious to see how they change the boys into these huge men that they become.
ohhh gonna go find the trailer now! *G*