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10-Sep-09, 15:37
im sure ive heard of somebody up here that does it,can anybody confirm who it is? where it is?website....etc etc thank you for any information :)

10-Sep-09, 15:47
theres a company called carbon & co


10-Sep-09, 15:55
exactly what im looking for thank you for the quick reply much appreciated :D

10-Sep-09, 15:57
I highly recommend Stuart from Carbon Co he is very good and all his work is excellent.

Katy x

10-Sep-09, 17:13
cheers katy

i did see loads of people with black t shirts and pink writing 'katy' something on the back/front cant remember,was this related to you?

however im sure the quality is good so ill give him a phone,thank you for the recommendation :)

10-Sep-09, 17:15
No wasn't for me....but he's done t-shirts for another hen and birthday night out and they were really well done. He's also done some t-shirts and shirts for my business and they are good too.
Katy x

16-Sep-09, 14:18
I totally agree.

I had just the one t-shirt made, very good quality, washed a good few times and still like new and very reasonably priced.

18-Sep-09, 14:49
I agree, Stuart is brilliant, does all my clubwear and never had a problem yet!