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09-Sep-09, 15:54
I have recently got someone i work with to paint a picture for me. I gave a photograph for them to copy and have to say that it turned out identical!! I was absolutely delighted with it!! Everyone that comes in the house comments on how life like it is!! They have only started doing this recently and i would recommend trying them. Here is the link to their webiste have a look at what they can do.

http://reflexory.co.uk/art (http://reflexory.co.uk/art)

09-Sep-09, 19:02
I have to agree - Mandy is a genius with all things arty - and she's self taught. She has such an amazing talent and is a real perfectionist when it comes to her comissioned work. I've seen quite a few of her originals and some prints too and they are all excellent - so lifelike you would think it's a photo!! I would highly recommend her if you were thinking about having a painting/pastel of a family member or even a beautiful scene you've got a photograph of and you'd like to have a painting of it. You won't be disappointed with the end result!!! And it makes a great gift. :D

09-Sep-09, 20:05
The picture on Amanda's website of the baby was for me.
It's brilliant, i had tears in my eyes when i first seen it.
Its well worth getting one done, as babies change so quick, its nice to have it up on the wall to remember her being that size!!!

19-Sep-09, 22:19
She did two watercolour with pastel paintings of poppies for me and they are so nice, I got them mounted and framed so now hanging in the living room. I have seen her potraits of dogs and people and are so lifelike, she captures their personalities perfectly. Highly recommend her.

13-Oct-09, 12:34
Mandy/Amanda did a fantastic portrait in pastels of our dog Charlie as an anniversary present for us. It is amazing. She captured Charlie perfectly and the light in his eyes makes the portrait come to life. It captures a moment in time. What a shock we got when we opened the parcel! :)