View Full Version : Upgrade your headlight/lamp bulbs

09-Sep-09, 11:12
Just fitted H4 fitment Philips X-Treme Power bulbs to my bike and would highly recommend them as an upgrade to your headlights whether car or bike. What a difference they have made over my standard bulbs especially with the darker nights coming in.

They also gave me 2 free sidelight bulbs free which gave a better whiter light compared to that yellow tint that comes from poorer bulbs. Even though they are blue glass the difference was immence.

This is the ones i got


Also thrown in, is free delivery too.

They have other bulbs such as upgrade kits. HID's exons etc too

09-Sep-09, 11:59
I'll second that. I fitted the same lamps to my F800GS, massive difference.

Plus they've been on permanently for about 6000 miles without blowing - so they're not prone to failure.*

*Famous last words.......