View Full Version : Replacing Tiles on roof.

08-Sep-09, 15:53
Hi, Just wondering if there was any recommendations out there for someone to replace some tiles on our roof?

We had a few come off during strong winds at the start of the year. My OH has been on at me to get someone out to look into it all summer (he works away)

I'm finally getting around to it now, i suppose i better get it seen to before the winter weather starts coming in.

The tiles are the old flagstone ones (hope someone knows what i mean)

Any help would be great.

08-Sep-09, 17:20
Try Arthur Bruce ull find him here on the recommendations he's had some good feedback by all the folk that has used him

08-Sep-09, 19:33
yup i had arthur replacing some caithness slates for me last friday, took him a hour and was really cheap