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07-Sep-09, 17:36
one of the kids came home today saying they had saw two dragonflies at school,these were completely black with vo colour os markings.anyone know what species of fly these might be

08-Sep-09, 03:45
Was it maybe like the first pic on this thread?


Inchneumon fly perhaps?

08-Sep-09, 17:37
showed them this one last night,one said yes one said no:D i don't know though looking through some stuff and the description they gave could be a black darter?

08-Sep-09, 23:26
We saw lots of Black Darters up on Holborn Head last month. The males are nearly all black. Here is a photo of one. First time I had ever seen them.


09-Sep-09, 13:51
i would say that is it, but will confirm with the kids when they get in.

27-Sep-09, 01:00
I saw a dragonfly yesterday in Thurso, it was on the grass in the sunshine.
It had a long black body with lovely blue spots on it. I have never seen them in the town before.