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Colin Manson
10-Sep-01, 10:05

I have decided to delete all of the chat room users that have not logged in during the last 3 months. This should hopefully reduce the problems we have been having with the database.

I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone but it's a necessary measure. I will continue to delete users once their accounts have been idle for 3 months, if your account has been deleted and you still wish to use the chat room then feel free to register again. :eek:)



10-Sep-01, 20:07
Thank you Colin. Anything that will help the chat room run along smoothly....I think you have had less folks getting disconnected lately.

11-Sep-01, 22:26
you are quite right colin i am one of the culprits but i will recify

11-Sep-01, 22:34
Will you be at the quiz tomorrow (Thursday) night Magusson?

11-Sep-01, 22:38
i looked at it last week bbut did not quite understand off hand right now name the seven dwarfs see how fast you are

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13-Sep-01, 18:27
thats to fast