View Full Version : Halkirk Hairdressers

05-Sep-09, 19:51
Just wanted to let everyone know that i went to the Halkirk Hairdressers today for the first time. Its a lovely friendly wee shop. Much nicier than the last hairdressers i went to. They are busy all the time i was there but never seened to rush my hair cut. Which happened in my last hairdressers.

Would really recommend Cassy to anyone that is looking for a cut and colour.

Also my friend went to her to get her hair up for a wedding and she is well worth it. Totally different but really nice.:D

05-Sep-09, 20:45
mmmm strange...........I remember you advertising a chair and a room for rent for this establishment some time ago

05-Sep-09, 22:16
Yes i did. The people that own it now asked me to.

I am only saying that i was happy with the service i got. I gave them (Cassy) a chance to see if i liked her and i am just letting people know that the hairdresser she has now is good. I will be going back there now instead of to my old hairdresser.