View Full Version : Brake disc skimming

05-Sep-09, 19:47
Does anyone in Caithness skim brake discs?

05-Sep-09, 19:49
Probably cheaper to buy new ones if you can.

George Brims
05-Sep-09, 20:47
Probably cheaper to buy new ones if you can.

I don't know how much they are charging for machining services in Caithness, but new disks for my Toyota are upwards of $75 each in California, and I got them re-surfaced for $10 each.

05-Sep-09, 23:03
Alan Ross at Newton skims brakes

06-Sep-09, 09:44
U would be better off in the long run replaceing discs rather than taking a cheaper option because the thinnier the disc gets its more likely to crack so u might end up having to replace the discs at a later date anyway?

eric pollard
06-Sep-09, 10:58
colin at county garage does it cheap aswell

09-Sep-09, 16:14
Thanks for the replies everyone. Much appreciated.