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The Doctor
04-Sep-09, 18:43
Likely to late for this year but does anyone know about cricket teams going in the area at the of pub team level (for a batsman with more enthusiams than tallent!!). Am in John of Groats but can travel a bit. Would be good to know for next season.


04-Sep-09, 23:29
I found the above link on the org.
Crickets as rare in caithness as a heatwave without wind.

06-Sep-09, 13:17
There are 2 or 3 previous posts regarding cricket on this forum which relate to various topics including practices, but here is the latest info on training. Outdoor practices have traditionally been on a Wednesday night beginning in April & running until late August, we are currently in the process of trying to secure a place to practice indoors over the winter however this has not been finalised yet. When there is more info on this I will post it here.

As far as the team/club goes, we are a mixture of beginners & more experienced players, with ages ranging from 15-50(ish!). We have a good team spirit and are very welcoming of new players, regardless of ability.

As I have said in previous posts if you want any more detailed information please feel free to PM me.

The Doctor
22-May-10, 12:10
Hi. Rather late in finaly replying about if there is any cricket team going in the county! iI there anything going this year if so when and where?