View Full Version : Caithness Moths - Convolvulus Hawkmoth

03-Sep-09, 22:09
This extremely large migratory moth was trapped in my garden on the night of 1st September. It is showing some wear on its wings probably resulting from the distance it has travelled. Its parents would have emerged in Africa and travelled to continental Europe where they would have bred, this generation then continued the journey north. It reaches all parts of the UK being commonest between now and November. It is a nectar feeder and will visit flowers like tobacco plants with long tubular flowers from dusk onwards. As a species it is unable to overwinter in the UK.


10-Sep-09, 11:05
Is this possibly the same species that was visiting Highlander and giving her the shock of her life? :lol:

It looks to have the same bell-like marking across the back/shoulders... http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=85410