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03-Sep-09, 09:31
A friend of mine went to C. Chessor for repair to a telly was told only repair what is bought from his shop.
He then went to Alacam .had a warm reception there from staff ,got his telly sorted at a reasonable cost ,so I would recommend the latter.

03-Sep-09, 16:02
Alacam are brilliant. Last week I thought my washing machine had died, but Alan got it back to life again on Monday. He only came to diagnose the fault, but had the bits in the van to fix it there and then.

Champion chappie with excellent staff.

Always my first port of call for all things electrical.

03-Sep-09, 19:16
Friend went into Chessors just before 5.00pm for something. The staff took ages to find it but eventually did, then told friend they couldn't sell it to them because it was after 5.00pm - and they weren't kidding!!

04-Sep-09, 09:55
We only do repairs on TV's bought from ourselves as Colin is the only fully qualifed engineer in this field on our team so we have to look after our own customers first. When there was another engineer based here we were able to offer a wider service, however we had to take a decision on this.

Wispy - I would like to know when your friend came in and the staff refused to sell them something after 5pm. I am in the shop every evening and have redone the till on many evenings to cater for sales after 5pm so I am surprised at this.


04-Sep-09, 10:38
I agree Alacam are brilliant, service with a smile and good prices.

04-Sep-09, 11:23
I was recently in the Chessor's shop and the service couldn't have been better. Also just got satellite hooked up and the two gentlemen who did it were friendly and helpful.