View Full Version : Any knitters out there

02-Sep-09, 18:20
Just wondering if anyone knows of anybody that does a bit of knitting, im due my baby next year & just love all the knitted cardi's, hats & blankets.

Thank you

02-Sep-09, 19:05
I do a lot of knitting and will undertake commissions - I will send you a PM :)

02-Sep-09, 20:20
aww Congratulations to you both, you'll be fielding your own football team soon!!!

I used to do loads of knitting but as daughter got bigger I couldn't be bothered as I loved being able to start and finish something in 2 days max!

you ought to try it yourself its quite simple once you get the hang of it :D

take it that will be your Tuesday evenings being given up then???

02-Sep-09, 20:36
the woman in the reel thing will knit to request,
i've had loads of things from her including a gorgeous pram cover totally to my choice
ie: colour wool ribbon size etc. prices very reasonable too.:)

02-Sep-09, 21:40
Try Wee Ones in Princes Street, Thurso. They have loads of knitted items in their window. They also have a good selection of wool.