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31-Aug-09, 19:57
:)I am having an Equissage demo at mine on the 9th Sept at 3pm, if anyone wants to come and watch feel free to drop me a note,the girl who is coming has said that anyone coming who fancies having a free demo with their own horse can make arrangements with her when she is here.

All free as they are trying to build the company profile in the highlands.:)

01-Sep-09, 09:46
Hey, I had the equissage lady up a few months ago, something I am defiately looking in to getting. I had used the equissage at a few other yards and hadnt got any idea how it worked but it did, very impressive!!
She will demonstrate it on yourself and show you how it works.
Just with I has the money to get one LOL!

01-Sep-09, 09:52
I saw them demonstrating at Blenhiem last year then this weekend at Blair they offered to come and do a demo so i could hardly say no, but like you i really cant afford one but i am still happy to have my boy pampered for an hour.

01-Sep-09, 09:57
hahaha we got accosted by the Equissage lady at Blair too. My friend and I are both getting ours done when they come to Caithness. Like you, no intention of buying one, but she was determined that our nags would get a free session, so what could we say?

01-Sep-09, 10:00
Oooooo!!!! Where abouts are you. I'd be very much up for it :) I'll bring cake too (I now have my kitchen finished and I'm a bit obsessed - made flapjacks yesterday with the horses oats ;) )

01-Sep-09, 10:05
Leanne, Im actually in Lairg but a few of you could come down and make an afternoon of it, Cake and Tea lol.

01-Sep-09, 10:06
Hey, am round the corner and down the road a wee bitty from Tina, so not far from you at all. If/when I hear from them I'll give you a shout. Sorry Cara, I'm not poaching your audience, but if she's offering cake what can I do??? ;)

01-Sep-09, 10:16
Leanne, Im actually in Lairg but a few of you could come down and make an afternoon of it, Cake and Tea lol.

Just Multimapped you - why does Caithness have to be so huge???

01-Sep-09, 10:18
lol,:) Leanne if your addicted to making cakes maybe you want to come to both lol.

02-Sep-09, 09:11
I think very few people up here know about the benifits of the equissage so I was thinking
do you think their would be a market for a rental equissage up here? For either treatment from myself or just rental of the equissage itself? Perhaps 20 a session?
I was seriously looking in to it a few months back but got off track.


02-Sep-09, 09:49
I have to say i was thinking the same as most people could not justify buying one for sole use so a rental could be good.

03-Sep-09, 18:24
The rental idea is a great one, I could not justify one myself but being able to hire one would be great! Leanne, I am also supposed to be getting free demo and stay in Watten which I think is prob closer for you.

05-Sep-09, 11:20
Change of date, its now going to be on the 28th Sept at 4pm.