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31-Aug-09, 17:51
This is the link to the site of my lad.


And here are some more pics of him
This is him back in Feb


This is him at the moment


31-Aug-09, 19:01
Great picture on the bbc website and well done you for sending it it.

I love big chunky monkey cobs, especially those with big white faces, Bracken is beautiful

Oops I hope he is a cob after me saying that

31-Aug-09, 19:32
Yeah Bracken is an 8yr old welsh Sec D, so very much a cob lol x

31-Aug-09, 21:25

01-Sep-09, 09:45
He is gorgeous. Great pic on the website. You should get that on the front page of the Equistrian! I love my sec D's. Mine is only half D and half TB, probably about as much Welsh as I could cope with!, such strong characters, but lovely to look at and fun to be around. :)

01-Sep-09, 09:49
Lol Can you imagine his face on the front page, i would never be able to do anything with him, as he is such a show off already and the fame would go straight to his head.
In terms of character, yeah he can be very strong willed and will sulk for days if i win.
You will need to show me a pic of yours, i love taking pics of him and seeing others i am a bit of a addict when it comes to horses.

01-Sep-09, 10:16
Don't have many photos to hand at moment, but here is one I found from last year:


I know what you mean about being an addict, I love looking a piccys too. Did you get many at Blair? My daugher got quite a few good ones of Toddy, Ollie and William, amongst others. I will get them on Facebook eventually

01-Sep-09, 10:26
Oh thats a lovely pic im still schooling Bracken as he had done nothing until i got him just over 2 years ago, so its like starting with a 3 year old.
Hope to show him next year as i have now bought a trailer etc.

Got masses of pics they are on my face book so look me up.
Here is my favourite one though from the weekend can you guess who it is???


01-Sep-09, 10:33
Got masses of pics they are on my face book so look me up.
Here is my favourite one though from the weekend can you guess who it is???

Just clicked! I thought your hubby was very handsome the first time I saw that pic...

01-Sep-09, 10:37
how jammie are you!! It is none other than Jollie Ollie if I'm not mistaken!
I know what you mean about the schooling. Ours was 9 when we got him but he hadn't done much for a while, so it was back to the beginning to teach him where to put his feet on a circle. I have to say my daugher did most of the work with him. I just like to plod about on him now. Am getting too old for all the bouncing about and falling off malarky!
I will defo look you up on Facebook! :)

02-Sep-09, 20:35
Yeah its so hard getting them going again though, but its coming on and next year we plan to get out a bit and see how he reacts.