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30-Aug-09, 20:54
Any easy ways to sex our bunnies....?

And if they end up being Mr and Mrs rather than 2 of the same any idea of the cost of getting the male done (its not such a big op as getting the female done) and the recovery time he will need.

Are bunnies ok with anesthetics as quite a lot of small furries are not?

All info I would like before phoning the vet and booking the rabbits in.

30-Aug-09, 21:05
getting a male neutered is about 50. Easy way turn them on back in your arms just above genital area apply gentle pressure at the top of the furry bit if female it is a slit if male it is rounded tip. Cover your arms in case of kicks.

30-Aug-09, 21:26
To determine the sex of a rabbit:

Hold the rabbit on his/her back on your lap with the hind legs facing away from you. With a larger rabbit, you may want to hold the rabbit with his/her hind legs facing towards you. Placing a rabbit on his/her back will put the rabbit into a state almost like a trance. Rabbits still feel pain while in this position, and should not be held this way for a prolonged period of time.
When first learning to sex a rabbit, it will be helpful if another person gently restrains the head of the rabbit while you use both hands to part the fur and apply gentle pressure on each side of the vent, which is the area including the anus and the genitals. (The anus is basically the opening of the intestines to the outside from which droppings are eliminated. The genitals are the external portions of the reproductive tract.) Once you have more experience, you can restrain the rabbit's head with one hand, and apply the gentle pressure with the other.
While applying pressure to the vent area, you will see the anus, the opening closest to the tail.
http://a1272.g.akamai.net/7/1272/1121/20081014202859/www.peteducation.com/images/articles/ill_sexing_rabbit.gifThe opening farthest from the tail is the genitals.
Males: In male rabbits, the penis will appear as a tubular protrusion. It is round in diameter, very light pink in young males, and has a rounded tip with a small round opening at its center. In most bucks (male rabbits) older than 10 weeks, you will also notice the testicles on each side and slightly cranial to the penis. They will feel like small mounds under the skin, and in older males, are not covered with fur. Bucks can withdraw the testicles into the abdomen, so even if you can not feel the testicles, the rabbit may still be a male.
Females: When the gentle pressure is applied to the vent area of a doe (female rabbit), you will see a pink protrusion, but the protrusion is slanted, more oval, and has a slit versus a small round opening.

30-Aug-09, 21:36
good pics here http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/articles/sexingboys.shtml

31-Aug-09, 09:16
What about the anesthetics?

Are bunnies dodgy under anesthetic? Because if so I may get another hutch and run rather than take the risk with one of Laurens bunnies!

31-Aug-09, 11:32
I know a few done up here ok but I also have heard of people losing them at other surgeries. Best to call vets to see how their success rate is.

31-Aug-09, 15:51
Prices start from 53 for a neuter then the bigger the bun the more anaesthetic they use you get charged extra. Female spays cost more because it's a bigger op(they have to open them up, whereas with the males in most cases they use glue and no stitches.
I've had both done in Thurso with no problems.

01-Sep-09, 19:50
i had 5 males done in Thurso with no problems and cost was between 58-63

02-Sep-09, 16:36
i telephoned wick vets to see how much it would cost to get my rabbit done and they said between 40-50 so booked him in and got a bill for 83!!!!!!!!!!!! my cat was only 20 sumit till get done!!

02-Sep-09, 17:20
That is because a different anaesthetic is used.

02-Sep-09, 23:09
Lot of the animal charities south subsidise the cost but not here.

22-Sep-09, 21:49
Yep as suspected spot and peppa are not the same sex!
Spot (pure black not a spot on him:lol:) was done today!
He is looking sorry for himself and is getting kept inside for a couple of days to recuperate.
Paid cash so hubby doesnt know what it costs:D

22-Sep-09, 23:14
He is looking sorry for himself and is getting kept inside for a couple of days to recuperate.

Got our boy rabbit done and I was told (wick vets) that I had to keep them apart for 6 weeks as he could still impregnate her , happy to say they get to meet up again tomorrow.

23-Sep-09, 08:53
He will be only able to look at her through the mesh though!
But he will be back outside where there is less chance of little people letting him out with the cat (who is just off house arrest) and the dog....I dont know which would like to eat a bunny more but my bets are on the cat.