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Anne x
30-Aug-09, 19:37
story of the cat a lot of my orger pals know this story and are a bit tired of it but it is now getting to be a saga
Mr Cat or Mrs has been visiting us for ages since it stole a chop from worktop it is obviously starving , we are not sure if its sleeping rough or not but appears to be in the garden at 6am it is a lovely cat but not for me I dont want a cat anyhow on 3 occasions when I had to evict it from the kitchen it was less than friendly hissing and spatting etc
I cannot leave my back window or back door open anyhow got in touch with the cats protection who tried to match it up and they are sending me out a collar with a message attached RSPCA said they couldnt help as the cat was not injured anyhow its still wandering about and at this moment fast asleep in the shrubbery
yesterday was the last straw it was eating the birds bread I put out so now I am more than ever convinced it has been abandoned and hungry I fed it well today on chicken and milk as cannot bear to think its hungry
I realise I dont live in Caithness but dont know what else to do as we are going North next weekend and will be away 3 days

30-Aug-09, 21:43
aww..poor wee thing.can u leave dry food out somewhere sheltered ,and water too.??cats protection should help.........I had something very similar in a place where I worked.I fed the cat for nearly 6 years.......we had a big wooden box put in place for him to sleep and eat. It worked well,but when I left,I had no idea what would happen to him,but did get in touch with cats p.still think of FELIX........will be at the rainbow bridge now.god luck..let know what happens.;)

30-Aug-09, 22:06
Agree with Binbob dry food with a bowl of water under cover and a bit of bedding for the puss to snuggle into and keep warm and dry.
I really sounds as if this wandering soul has adopted you.............and of course, you know what they say about a black cat....it's 'lucky'.......Since you don't want to chase luck away maybe an outdoor shelter is the answer............It's alway good to have a little luck on your side.;)

30-Aug-09, 22:24
Anne, the only reason this stray cat is hanging around is because you've been looking after it so well. Do you have a neighbour who would replenish the food/water dishes regularly while you are away?

Anne x
30-Aug-09, 22:45
Not really Moira all the houses are detached hopefully by the time we leave on Friday cats protection will have come up with something maybe a response from the collar they are sending out to us the lady a ex dunbeath person from cats protection was extremely helpful

btw had Gabby been around the cat would not of seen daylight :(