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30-Aug-09, 17:16
I am obviously very bored today but I have made best friends with Ebay.

Does anyone have any opinion on the Elevator Bridle, this is classed as a genuine one as I know it is a design others have copied. Basically are they worth the money?

There is a GFS one that is ending tomorrow at what will probably be a third of the price. So I thought I would ask.

30-Aug-09, 17:27
let me know what the GFS one is....and i'll give you a new price.... I have a humane gfs one which i think is what you like - full size in havannah with flash noseband and it's rrp is 150 got it on sale for 75.

30-Aug-09, 17:59
Hi MA - I think I need cob size or large pony. I have a GFS Pony that I got of ebay for the old mare out the back and I tried it on him today and it is defo to small.

Basically he is the other youngster I was telling you about - but if I got a decent havana one now it would do if he was shown next year.

Hev a rummage and see what you have.

30-Aug-09, 18:26
hmmm defo have some other gfs in stock - but can do a good price on em new and they dont need a big order will sent up one item if you require so if you see anything you like from their range on ebay i'll price it new for ya!!!

Any word on Dino today ?

ps sandys on ebay .....he's looking at horse lorries..... why does he tease me sooo....

30-Aug-09, 18:33
Just a plain chappie will do the job, he has a fine head so anything that you have. If you have anything GFS or other cob size in stock that I could try on him I could pop out one night.

Tell Sandy if he is buying I want one of those ladies boxes please.

Just phoned and Dino had a good day, settled in well and was VERY excited to be put in a field with a cobbly wob mare. He was very coltish and tried his hand with her, didnt even buy her a drink first. He has had his mane pulled and tied up and worked with and took it all in. He is very very weak on the back end though, I noticed it yesterday and Sarah agreed. He might need another year in the field to strengthen up.

30-Aug-09, 18:35
well they will be the ones to put you right.... i guess he's not had enough opportunity like my big man to chase the ladies (and gents) round a field and strengthen up the back end - paddy will sort him out when he gets home though :-)

30-Aug-09, 18:41
I changed to one on my old horse when they first came out and he improved a lot, in dressage he came up much more into a more natural shape and much softer in the head so I did notice a big difference on him with it! a few horses were no different but a few at the yard I worked worked much better in them. :)

30-Aug-09, 18:45
by the powers of deduction - MISSMILLIE..... would that name come from your gorgeous black cob which lives at Cogle farm which might actually be the lovely cob with which Dino MunroNs new project is running about with as we speak.....

Millie is GORGEOUS and my finn was well taken with her when he was over there...

30-Aug-09, 18:51
Oh yes Paddy would sort him out, but Windy isna shy either - she near gelded a stallion that was about to serve her. He had to have stitches in his dangly bits.

Cheers Missmillie - it probably is a hit or a miss, I got one for my cob and I didnt notice any difference, but then he always did work in a nice outline. I think I will get plain jobbie but thanks for taking the time to answer.

As an aside does anyone know if you can show a horse in this type of bridle or does it not really matter up here (that isnt being rude to local shows honest)