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29-Aug-09, 23:58
I was wondering if I could get some help or something. I wonderded if you could organize a suprise party for 100 or 150 it's for my parents anniversary it's not for another 6 months yet but I need to get some ideas or something going. Thanks in advance!!

30-Aug-09, 00:29
Hope they're not on the forums...

30-Aug-09, 00:43
Dont know where you are but there have been a few surprise parties in the Francis Street Club, wick. the hall is free to members. It is lovely to see the peoples faces when they come in the door to their guests and friends and didn't know about it. i would love one. I am arranging one for my mother but she doesnt live up here.

30-Aug-09, 01:11
I live up here. All I want is a local events planner who will take 100 to 200 for a suprise party but really want to suprise my mum and dad with close family and friends. It is not a big anniversary but I want have a special day to remember

30-Aug-09, 08:08
try katy on here- she's a party planner

lynne duncan
30-Aug-09, 09:46
Kirsteen's Catering Company contact on 01955602478 or 07766312950 or email on kcc2009@hotmail.co.uk


kirsteen is based in wick and would be more than able to help

30-Aug-09, 13:31
Thanks for the mention Lynne :)

30-Aug-09, 20:37
freyja king who works at lyth arts center is a brilliant planner and comes highly recommended you can e-mail her on

or call her on 01955 641201 or her mobile 07920 555 588

30-Aug-09, 20:47
Best of luck with your quest, Chocolate chip.

Have sent you a pm.