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29-Aug-09, 17:00
Cross siamese cat and or kittens free to good homes kittens ready now kittens are Black cat is torty can email pictures to anyone interested.

29-Aug-09, 17:48
hi i'm looking for a stable cat - siamese crosses might not like being outside - or am I barking up wrong tree??

please can you email pics to mafgers@googlemail.com

29-Aug-09, 20:23
Hi keep on truckin if those little kitties aren't any good for yard cats try the cats protection i have 5 from them and we don't have a mouse/rat near the stables they keep the rabbits in check too!!:lol:

29-Aug-09, 20:36
madman thanks for that - already tried them but it seems on their website a lot of the information is old and the ones i enquired about had gone...the ones they had were for those with no other pets...and we have 2 dogs so wouldn't be fair.

29-Aug-09, 21:26
Please contact Caithness Cats Protection if you are looking for a cat - we will do our very best to help you. It is very difficult to keep the Website up to date, cats are referred to us for homing on a regular basis. Tel No is :0845 3714217 -Thank you

29-Aug-09, 21:44
Try Scottish SPCA at Balmore Tel :- 01847861386 I am sure they will be able to help you out.

29-Aug-09, 21:48
yes had audrey out today to rescue an abandoned house martin chick and she filled me in on balmore - but still open to options as they have kittens in at the moment that are being hand reared and not ready for rehoming.

Thanks for the obvious places - but we are really hi jacking someone elses thread and I was responding to it after already looking in the obvious places.

10-Sep-09, 22:29
Hey thanks very much for the kitten - she has settled in well already I think - lots of purring and bounding around - sorted the jack russel out pretty quickly too - she's yet to meet the collie!!

Thanks so much she's so lovely and well handled and thanks for bringing her all the way out - nice to meet yourself and your daughters ;-)