View Full Version : Tameing Guinea Pigs?

28-Aug-09, 13:59
Just got 2 male Guinea Pigs 3months old and 4 months old. They both run and hide when approached.
I know its early days yet but any tips would be greatly received. Thanks.

28-Aug-09, 14:18
Just take your time and handle little but often. Build it up.they normally like to be stroked between their eyes gently and will nudge you finger for more when comfy.
Take a few slices of carrot or apple etc whatever they like and they will soon associate you with something yummy.
They are a prey animal so their reaction is very much one of run and hide. If you have them in a quiet area try leaving the radio on for them quietly it gets them used to noise.

29-Aug-09, 00:04
Have they calmed a bit? It just takes patience.

01-Sep-09, 19:15
Just to let you know they soon settled and are eating from my hand
and love coming out for excersise and Cuddles. Thanks for all replies.