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26-Aug-09, 20:10
hi can't open a doc. file attachment have proved programs but cant see how to do it. each time i try to open it it tells me that it doesn't have a program associated with it so create one in set association control panel but don't know how to . any help greatfully recieved

26-Aug-09, 23:53
I take it you already have Microsoft Word or another compatible word processor installed, but the association has gone. If so, when you double click on a .DOC file, it should offer to 'Select the program from a list' - click this then click OK. Look through the list and select Microsoft Word (or whatever compatible word processor you have installed), ensure the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' tick box is ticked then click OK. Your .DOC files should now be associated and open in your chosen program when double clicked.

If you don't have a suitable word processor installed already then you can download the free OpenOffice package here (http://www.openoffice.org/) - this will do the job nicely and should also automatically set the association for you.

31-Aug-09, 19:47
really showing my ignorance but where will I find the doc. file??????? Looked in the default settings etc. no joy. Then downloaded your OpenOffice to no avail, still cant get my emails open.
help gratefully received.

01-Sep-09, 19:17
found the doc file swriter.exe is beside it & I can browse for a different word processor but dinna realy ken what Iam looking for, any suggestions.