View Full Version : Hotmail Account Hijacked

wavy davy
25-Aug-09, 22:39
Hi, Just had a bit of a shock. Everyone in my Hotmail contact list has been sent an email pointing them towards a site flogging consumer electronics. How did this happen and what should I do?


26-Aug-09, 07:26
Ive had the same thing!!!

Quite scary as i have another e-mail address and received an email from myself advertising some weird thing...

Am as interested as you to find a solution. I was going to close down my account?? There must be something else that can be done as this may be a wee bit extreme.

Glad im not the only one though...

26-Aug-09, 07:42
Check for spyware - use spybot, adaware and/or malwarebytes

14-Sep-09, 01:27
This happened to me...even bill fernie got one of the messages from a chinese electrical firm. the virus was in my vacation reply bit. All my contacts were lost, my email addresses all gone. i contacted hotmail and outlook express and they got my cantacts back and i got a better anti virus thing and have had no problems since. for a while after though, i was getting at least a hundred daily messages from postmaster cannot deliver. This was messages from the chinese electrical firm not getting through and i had to keep deleting them. n o problem now. good luck.