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24-Aug-09, 21:40
Any recommendations for blackout blinds?

Im looking for a white one for Laurens bedroom and cannot remember for the life of me whether tescos or argos are the better made!

Or if there are better ones out there that are not to expensive as its for a childs bedroom ( Im going for the worst senario that it will get wrecked or coloured in )

24-Aug-09, 21:45
Ive got blackoout blinds for all 3 kids rooms from argos and they have done the job perfectly.

24-Aug-09, 21:50
Do the argos ones have a metal tube at the top or cardboard?

25-Aug-09, 12:49
Have you tried Fairways?

25-Aug-09, 14:50
Is that now the linen store?
If not where is it?

25-Aug-09, 16:02
Argos have metal tube. Good blinds!

25-Aug-09, 17:22
Yeah it has changed its name to the linen cupboard, very good value for money & quality!

27-Aug-09, 14:31
bought 2 from argos a 3ft and 6ft one the 6ft was metal the other cardboard!!

28-Aug-09, 10:21
Have you tried Plowmans carpets & blinds in Girnigoe street, Wick?

29-Aug-09, 21:49
Try John Lewis, free delivery and excellent quality blinds - also they had gorgeous ones for kids (stars or spots).

29-Aug-09, 23:02
Have you tried Plowmans carpets & blinds in Girnigoe street, Wick?

I bought a blackout blind from a shop. It took me two weeks to persuade my husband to cut and fit.

The next time I went to Plowman's, it was fitted in the time it took me to boil the kettle. Very reasonable prices and fitted in no time. They are more expensive than buying one from Argos, but the lack of hassle made it worth every penny! Well worth the wee bit extra for fitting. Lots of patterns and styles to choose from too.

30-Aug-09, 21:40
Will have a look at john lewis and plowmans!

But I definately want a plain white one!
(saying that I wanted a pink carpet for her room and got a silver grey one)

Hubby is not too bad at doing things as long as all the bits he needs are waiting for him:lol: