View Full Version : Avg running a scan

24-Aug-09, 21:24
Why oh why does it take so long to run a scan EVERY night??? This started at 7pm and its now 9.19pm AND ITS STILL RUNNING!!! Its driving me nuts :cry::cry: its so slow...

24-Aug-09, 22:08
The default settings are for daily scans of everything (i.e. full scan), but it is possible to limit it to running scans say once a week, and you can set it to run a fast scan instead of a full scan which should reduce the time significantly.

24-Aug-09, 22:52
I have set up my virus scans to scan at 3am. Usually finished by 4am. Is there not an option in your AVG to set it to do it during the night?

24-Aug-09, 23:25
There is Matthew but I can speak from experience that the vast majority of users turn their PCs off at night - leaving us nasty planet polluters to do the other thing :D!!

25-Aug-09, 08:20
Is ther a way of setting avg to shut down once it has completed a scan so that I can leave it and retire for the night?

26-Aug-09, 16:42
Well this has worked!!! Yippee!!!
Thanks again