View Full Version : Joiner Urgently Required

23-Aug-09, 12:13

Can anyone recommend a good joiner who can do a job more or less immediately please?

For an elderly gentleman coming out of hospital and urgently requires repairs to a downstairs bathroom which has been damaged due to a leak. Also required is for the door to be hung to open out rather than into the room.

If anyone can help can you please PM as can't get my Dad home from hospital until work is done.


23-Aug-09, 18:34
i am a joiner to trade and own my on company would be more than be happy to look/do the job to get your father home phone 01955606932 or 07768260771

23-Aug-09, 19:16
try sandy shearer 01955611365 has done work for me and found him very particular and tidy

24-Aug-09, 08:59
Bob at Homefixit did joinery work for me, and was excellent tradesman, and cleaned up after him.

Would your dad not qualify for the work to be done by social services or the care and repair scheme run by the local authority but available to homeowners too.

Good luck with your quest.