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21-Aug-09, 20:37
A Ginger coloured cat has been found injured near Dempster Loch ( Past Gillocks) The cat was found by a lovely couple who reported the injured cat to Cats Protection and took it to the Vets at Wick. It may have lain injured for four days as the couple stopped at the Loch four days ago to look at swans and heard a cat meowing but despite searching could not see a cat. However this afternoon the cat was spotted lying injured in a ditch.
Please spare a thought for this cat as it is very poorly. Please contact Cats protection helpline on 0845 371 4217 if you think this may be your cat. Thank You

21-Aug-09, 21:16
awww..poor wee thing..hope it pulls through and its owner is reunited.:(

21-Aug-09, 22:30
this is a sad story, hopefully this poor cat pulls through and gets home safe and sound.

Margaret M.
22-Aug-09, 14:08
Thank goodness someone found it. I hope we have a very happy ending here. And once again, kudos to Cats Protection!

23-Aug-09, 20:42
Sorry to report that the cat found injured near Dempster Loch was too seriously injured and the Vets were unable to save it. Many thanks to the lovely couple who were concerned enough to take the cat to Wick Vets and spared it further suffering and to Wick Vets who as ever, always do their best to help in such circumstances.

23-Aug-09, 21:42
bless the wee soul............and those who cared enough to help.:(