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elastic band
20-Aug-09, 16:27
had lunch at the harbour cafe in Wick yesterday with a group of friends and have to say it was fantastic. The food was superb, staff welcoming and friendly and the decor relaxing and tasteful. Have definitely found a new place to visit regularly -cannot wait to go back.

20-Aug-09, 20:34
They do the best mocha's & Cake! :D

22-Aug-09, 12:25
mmmm bacon cheese & banana croissant

Margaret M.
22-Aug-09, 14:05
I LOVE Wicker's World. I went there more than anywhere else when I was over. I cannot find fault with anything -- the food, the staff, the view, everything was great. I so wish we had a Wicker's World here.

23-Aug-09, 22:25
I must say they do the best breakfast ever and it's a great price!!!

I wonder where they get there black puddin from?? :)

24-Aug-09, 07:52
I must say they do the best breakfast ever and it's a great price!!!

I wonder where they get there black puddin from?? :)

hey there black puddings from Latheron, my cousins girlfriend bakes when they come up to Thurso my cousin goes to the butchers in Latheron first as my mum loves the black pudding so every fortnight he gets her some

25-Aug-09, 19:14
mmmm bacon cheese & banana croissant

OMG that sounds gross!! Are you pregnant?

25-Aug-09, 21:00
That was my 1st thought as well untill i tried it & it is so yummy, you should give it try, ul love it

25-Aug-09, 22:53
I visit every friday lunch!!! It is the best! They do a lovely black pudding and cheese panini. And their breakfast quiche is to die for!

Kevin Milkins
25-Aug-09, 23:37
I enjoy the food at the harbour and have had a meal there a few times and would say it is the premier eating place in Wick at the moment, but my only criticism would be the acoustics in the back room are not good for a restaurant.

When I took my mother in law there for lunch it was busy with a lot of children and it was like being in a swimming pool on gala day. Although she wears a hearing aid I could tell that she was finding it difficult to cope with.

A little while later we went for dinner with our three grandchildren and two sons and had to move table from the back room to the front room because the noise was so annoying (and we were making the noise).

We talked to the staff about it and they told us it is something they are aware of and are considering putting soft furnishing in that room to help soak up the noise.