View Full Version : getting into chat room

Tom Cornwall
28-Mar-06, 19:26
how does one access the chat room

28-Mar-06, 19:48
how does one access the chat room
use the drop down menu "Caithness.Org" and if not already registered please do

30-Mar-06, 19:01
how does one access the chat room

Golach's directions will get you started. He has never misled me.

Tom, a few useful things which I have discovered include:

1) the chat room and the forum are totally separate. You will get a password for your chat room account. It is not the password for the forum. Keep them separate, write them down. Don't loose them.

2) the chat room password must be used within 24 hours or it disappears and you have to start over, but can't because your user name has been taken. So, remember your password. To use the password within 24 hours just log into the chatroom (or the quiz room), even if no one is there.

Good luck with it.