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20-Aug-09, 10:32
When i turned the pc on this morning it said insert windows vista product key. I did and it says it is not valid. It is giving me very limited internet usage to "fix" the problem. The page diverts to a microsoft page where i can buy a vista download. I have tried to download a free one but it wont let me. I cannot even get my standard start up screen

20-Aug-09, 11:19
phone microsoft tell them your problem if its genuine disk ul have no probs getting anther activation key

20-Aug-09, 13:28
Thanks. Could somebody get me a telephone number please as limited to usage

20-Aug-09, 14:55
It gives code- 0xc004e003
description- the software licensing service reported that license evalution failed.

Does that help at all anyone?

20-Aug-09, 16:38
I have found a number for Microsoft in The UK as 0845 519 1439 option 3 for technical support

20-Aug-09, 16:59
Cheers, will give them a call